Okay, I'm going to the beach next week with some friends and I want to wear a summer dress (we won't be swimming 'cause brrr, it'll be too cold) and I was wondering if there are any decent shops (in the UK) where they have nice/pretty summer dresses that aren't too expensive? I've had a look around and nothing so far is appealing to me.

So link me? Thank you!


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  • newlook and believe it or not but primark have got really nice ones try h&m too

    • I'm checking out the New Look webby right now. There are quite a few cute dresses so thank you!

  • try primark or h&m, or you can express deliver some cute but modestly priced stuff from the forever 21 website :) hope it helps!

    • Can you still pay in GBP at Forever 21? It is American, right? If it's not, just ignore me. :)

      Thanks for the help!

    • It is american, but I'm 99% sure it ships to england :)

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