Do guys take a "cute" girl seriously during an interview?

I just applied for a summer job which involves me being outside a lot and probably a lot of physical work that may be hard for me. If you are considered a "cute" girl applying for a job that involves working outside in the bush, hiking, canoeing, driving a ATV etc. do you take her seriously? I come from a farm, so I have done some hard work out in the sun and hard conditions. I have worked with machinery and some power tools too. I may not look it, since I am not that big, but I am tall. I applied for this job because I was thinking about getting into an environmental job related to water. I was just wondering, would they take me seriously? Because in a way I almost thought they were surprised that I was the one they were interviewing. Just because I said on my resume that I come from a farm, I am guessing they were expecting some big, husky girl, but I am not. So do I even have a chance with this job?


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  • I think this depends on the type of "cuteness". By that I mean there are two totally different categroies:

    1) a girl with a cute face who comes in wearing outdoorsy clothes and speaks knowledgeably about outdoor activities, and mentions experience with those things or other physical activities.

    2) a girl with a cute face who comes in wearing a sundress and mentions that she thinks it would be fun to learn how to do hard things like canoeing and mentions that, as far as experience goes, she once saw someone use an ATV.

    The cuteness exists for both, but the person who is obviously better prepared for the job is still a good candidate for the job. Unfortunately, the cuteness may cause a stereotype that you'd have to overcome, but with experience and ambition, it shouldn't be hard.

    • Well, during the interview I was dressed more nicer than what I usually wear, since it was an interview. I wore dress pants and a nice top (jacket). I have done those things, such as driving an ATV and I am an outdoor person. Just because I am an outdoor person, doesn't mean I have to be even in an interview, or if I am in the city I should dress more nicely.

    • I don't think that business attire was inappropriate, I was just using attire as one of many possible ways to show them that you are used to outside work, experienced in it, and excited about it. There are a ton of other ways to do it, particularly by simply explaining it to them. So I don't think business clothes hurt your chances, I was just using that as an example.

    • I am excited about the job. It was one of the jobs that I actually wanted the most. But then at the same time I am wondering what are they going to make me do outside. I can only do what I am physically able to do. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a girl, so then I don't have to look like such a weakling sometimes. I am stubborn like that. . . lol.

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  • You would actually be more likely to get the job, especially if a man did the interview.

    • Yeah, but wouldn't they think I am not strong enough. I don't know, I don't want to be just the "cute" girl I want to be able to pull my weight and be respected. But thanks, I do know what you mean though.