Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with me...

So lately I have been going back into my thoughts and over the years I have noticed when I read, watch or, see something I "like" ( or I think I like) I change into that. I don't know how the hell it happens but it does. Sometimes it's really bad. Ex., a few years ago I watched this t.v show about a sociopath and I started to hit my sister, after a few days, and I almost broke her arm. I don't know WHY the heck I did that. Now I don't anymore but yeah. Weird... Now I was reading about PICA ( I used to eat dirt, sand, baby powder, and I used to taste cigarette ashes, I don't anymore, I just crave sand now) And now I think I have to see a doctor. Also I hate germs, and wash my hands in very very hot water with soap 2 times so their clean, and I can not sit on a seat or chair that looks dirty or had old gum on it, or is worn out. It drives me crazy. I do not walk or cracks, and if I do I curl my toes, I feel better after, and I do not walk on parts of the sidewalk that look dirty. WHAT CAN I DO? I don't know if I should see a doctor. Also I am not lying so please advise me.

BTW, I am a 17 year old female. In high school.


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  • You should go to a mental disorder expert. You might have OCD or some other mental disorder and should get evaluated as a precaution. Due to our advancements in medical knowledge and medications, if you are diagnosed, you have several options and treatments that are offered to you and can help you keep going forward. I personally have ADHD, and finding out was the best thing for me because I was able to receive treatment that has helped me become more productive. Hope this helps!


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