Want female opinion on hairstyle!!!

I have a pretty square face, a high forehead and very obvious widows peak, I am 22 years old.

It's like 6 in the morning, I kinda threw my haircut together so I could take a few pictures, it usually looks a lot better than this, but you should be able to get the idea.

My hair is styled "messed up". Notice how the hair on the top is styled forward, it leaves a barely noticable crease where the hair pushed forward and the hair pushed backward splits. Generous amounts of hair gel is used.

My albums with pictures is here:

This site won't let me link my photobucket, (stupid...) but you can easily find it by searching "fishingforbasses photobucket" and clicking the third result (photobucket mobile). It will bring you directly to my folder with my hair pics.

Overall I am pretty happy with the way my hair looks, but I have this fleeting feeling there is a better cut out there for me. I don't mind if it's longer or shorter (but shorter doesn't really work with my forehead).

So if you were to give me some advice I'd appreciate it!

ALSO: Sorry I didn't just post the pictures on the thread... I waited five minutes for one to upload and it didn't work...

- soaren

I'm not insecure about my high forehead and widows peak, but I want to grow my hair out, and a bald cut for me just is not an option.

I changed my hairstyle around a bit and figured out what I was missing (Instead of straight bangs I use a straightener to curve them to the side).

I've recieved compliments on my hair "adjustments" from a few girls (one that I'm trying to get with), so I know that it's working well for me.

Thanks for your help.

- soaren


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  • A fowhawk?

  • My opinion is that you would look better with oval glasses, instead of rectangles.

    That Hillshire Farm advert kept coming up.

    You are pleasant looking when you smile, your neutral expression is a little harsh looking.

    Okay, so the receding hairline thing I guess is something that really it's best to get comfortable with it. The problem with covering it up is that it looks like you are covering something up.

    Dude I think you should just do something funky, try to get a little pompadour going on in the middle of your receding hairline. You know, don't take it too seriously, the more insecure you feel about it the more it's going to impact your self-esteem.

    link Scroll down

    The only way to deal with receding hair line or baldness is to rock it.

    • Generally the rule of thumb is that a square face should have square glasses, but I'll take your opinion into consideration. Thanks.

      My neutral expression is much more "warm" face to face versus in the pictures, I'm not very photogenic. =P

    • Whatever man there is just something about your look that is off. Maybe it's not the glasses. IDKW

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