Looking into getting a Pomeranian

Hey Guys!

My hubbs and myself are looking into Pomeranians. Anyone out there have one?

Pros and cons?

Experiences with breeders?

Recommend any breeders?

PS: While I was growing up, my mom bred dogs, and I know how to spot a bad breeder, etc.

Also, I understand that there are plenty of dogs out there in shelters, and my husband and I have looked at many shelters for the past couple of months (not just at poms). But, we really haven't found the right dog for us. We want a good fit. And, this is just an avenue for us to explore (because we haven't yet).

Any helpful advice is welcomed!



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  • My late dog was a Pom, he was such an amazing dog. He was smart, eager, loving and verrrry loyal. He was even protective lol. He was always on my lap or at my side which is sadly what caused him to die :( (my sisters dog attacked him for coming in the room to sit by me) he was great in the car and did the cutest tricks lol I have to say the only cons were his bark was kinda high pitched, he couldn't defend himself to dogs bigger than a cat and if I didn't trim his butt hair he got poop stuck to it lol. Otherwise he was perfect :) their hair is so fun to play with too lol I always gave him the lion man cut in the summer :)

    • I just read all the other answers, I'm sure you already know this but all dogs have their stereotypical bad trait, with the right training any dog can be perfect. I trained mine not to bark unless someone unfamiliar came to the gate or he had to go outside :) positive reinforsmet and treats go a very long way with the small dogs :)

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  • link

    Check it out: I'm a Japanese Chin match. For tiny dogs, anyway. I prefer boxers because Mom got one for my baby shower and we were puppies together.

    Good luck finding your dog.

    • Thanks! We've done that a few different times. :) I appreciate the help, though!

    • I had a Pomeranian stepchild for a while, she was spoiled so rotten that it was very difficult but I still loved her.

      Her mom had more clothes for little Trixie than I had for me.

      I remember she loved sneaking into my dark chocolate, and actually got half a Ghirardelli bar down her throat while I wasn't looking. I had to pour a thick salt solution down her throat to make her throw it up.

      I still miss Trixie.

  • They taste great but all the little seeds get stuck in my teeth and they stain clothes red if you're not careful.

    Oh wait, you're talking about dogs, Sorry. ;)

    I don't have any experience with pomeranians but I do have a lot of experience with dogs. I'm glad to hear you know your way around breeders because that is very important. I always try to emphasize how important it is for prospective dog owners to do their due diligence regarding the breeder AND the bitch and stud. It's good to meet both and get a good handle on their temperaments. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as they say. It's good to get references from other buyers too, if possible.

    You can't choose your parents of your children, but you can choose your dog, so be selective. :)

    • That's exactly what I think! I always make sure the parents are around and that I get to see and meet them. Thanks!

    • Sounds like you're in great shape. Good luck and hope you get a sweetheart of a puppy.

    • Thanks! We're hoping so, too!

  • All I know is that their not really smart like other dogs and their annoying...my moms friend has one

  • They are real dumb hard to train and bark alot... I think they shed too. Get a yorkipoo link

    they are smart and easy to train because of the poodle and don't shed because of the yorki... about the same size as a pomeranians too

    • I have a 3 year old yorki and he's really smart and listens but he's also really affectionate and has his own crazy personality... pure bred dogs also have more genetic disorders

  • They are cute and easy to keep clean...they are stupid and have an annoying bark

  • cons: they're stupid, and bark a lot.

    pros: they taste good.


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  • I have a Pom mix. She's 1/2 Pom though. Very hyper and yappy, but sweet. She's my sisters dog and wasn't socialized as much as she should have so she's very afraid of other dogs, other than out bullmastiff. I'd reccomend getting one, but be prepared for shedding and barking!

  • I've never had a pom as a pet but used to work at a vet clinic as an assistant. Just a word of advice, please socialize your pom well (like with most dogs!) - I've met more nasty ones than sweet ones unfortunately. Poms are very alert, watchful and feisty dogs that like to vocalize alot. If poorly socialized they could become a handful, in particular aggressive and food/toy possessive. Get it used to having its paws and ears handled, nothing like being unable to groom or trim your 10 pound dog's nails because it's trying to eat your fingers. And read up on separation anxiety! Not uncommon with Poms. Good luck with finding the right one! :)

    • Great answer

    • Best Answer right here lol, everyone else answer is too mean lol

    • Thanks! I grew up training dogs with my mom. I appreciate the helpful advice and the good luck! :)

  • Ignore all the rude answers. Poms can be great dogs, especially if trained the right way. I agree with what Ioodle says. They are very feisty dogs that love to try to get their way lol, so you must try to show them your the boss! They do love their owners though and yes, can develop separation anxiety. Grooming daily helps too, since they have long fur. Also getting a few books on the breed and reading up can certainly help too, that's definitely what I would do. Also sorry about all my comments to people on here, I just know a lot about dogs lol!

    • Thanks! I've read a lot of info, which is why we're interested in the breed... :) I didn't ask for people's personal opinions or what other dogs I should get. :)

    • lol yeah :) You need to block all those jerks who are saying rude things

  • I would say they are super pretty but don’t get one. My aunt has one , cutest little thing ever .BUT that thing never shuts the hell up ! SO loud and high pitched bark. She sheads more than any other dog i’ve had or seen.And i’ve had labs, pits, golden retreviers, huskys, and a few others and the poms shed like crazy. Even if you give it a short hair cute that fur grows back within a month and it’s back long again. My friend got one and then gave it away cause it was so annoying. Also their bones are really breakable, my aunts 4 year old broke it’s front right leg like 3 or 4 times already just from playing. She was running and triped and broke it. I would say if you like small dogs maby get a shiapoo sh*t zu and poodle mix. I have a choclate one and omg so cute , long hair like the poms and no sheading or annoying barking. Or even a yorkie they have some big ones . Good luck on whatever you end up getting tho!

  • I would recommend looking at breed specific rescues. That way you can help a shelter dog and still get the breed you want.

    • I have! But, like I said, we haven't found the right fit for us yet. Thanks :)

    • yeah sometimes it takes a while, but its better to wait and find the right dog than to jump into something that might be bad for your family and have to take the dog back.

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