How to win?

Girls, if you were around a bunch of new guys, and you feel you could get the best one of the best of them... what type of behavior could a man demonstrate to win you over, out of all the guys you could choose from?

and don't just say be different haha.

what type of approach would most stand out to you? (in a good way)

what type of things should he say and do to make you feel like he's the over best you can pick from? etc..


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  • Looks and personality aside, the guy who would catch my attention would be the one who is sincere, respectful, gentle with girls, looks out for me and can make me laugh. Little things like standing up to give me his seat if there aren't any left can set him apart from other guys.


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  • You just need to be funny, genuine, and outgoing. Make her notice you without being obnoxious. When you tell a funny story, look at her more than you look at anyone else. Show genuine interest in her life and what she's about.

    • Also, you should probably refrain from acting like you're "winning" her. No girl wants to be someone's game.

  • sometimes just being bold works wonders. it catches her off-guard, like he must be the shit. like walking right up to the one you like and saying kiss me, no, a real kiss. this requires big balls. and, you may end up getting slapped. reading their body language might help determine if you can get away with it

  • hmmm... VERY outgoing.

    Like if he comes in a room everyone would be all over u

    Uhh I don't know how to explain it but just be loud..., funny..., and pay more attention to the girl than evryone else

    and make it obvoius a little to her!

    • Yeah, like be looking at her, while all the others are hanging on him, like you see in the movies a lot

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