How would you describe your style?

How would you describe your style? Is it sophisticated, preppy, sporty, urban, etc? And how would you say it fits your personality?


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  • Classy conservative


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  • 80's Rock Band

    I have hair half way down my back


    ride a motorcycle

    play tha guitar

    work in a bar

    smoke cigarettes

    smoke weed

    go to bed late

    wake up early

    drink too much

    have lots of sex

    love music


    the open road

    yeah it fits my personality perfect. I am who I am and I am cool with that.

    coach football and little leauge

    not legally married (not common law 18 years together. no kids, tho I have a old lady


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  • I generally keep my style very simple. Black/grey, heels, black trench. It's just one of those styles that never goes out of style and is just the right amount of sophistication. You can easily dress it up or down and not much money needs to be spent. I think it lets your beauty speak for itself. I don't wear makeup either because women are so beautiful, we don't need it! Just keep it natural and sophisticated! :)

    • So your style is pretty classic! And I only wear makeup every now and them too, I just feel so pretty without it.

    • I used to be like that. I would wear a lot of makeup. foundation, mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner. Everything! But I noticed once I stopped wearing it my face began to clear up and I lost all my acne and I looked so much younger and radiant! You should try it, I guarantee more people will notice you and flirt with you!

    • I don't wear it like it used, only occasionally. I've never really been big on makeup. And I agree it does cause skin problems. I only wear lipstick/lipgloss. And yea it does make you look younger and stay younger looking longer when you go without it.

  • I would say between Kim k and artsy (new York style)

    Mainly Kim k type of stuff