New guys & their old infatuations

Tell me if it matters, how to deal, or just any words of wisdom when it comes to this situation:

I just meet a guy then we exchange info and we add each other on Facebook/twitter but when I go back in their history just to get a better feel for who they are or just pictures and whatever I come across them gushing over a girl or two in particular.

It's happening now I just met this guy and he was staring at me hard and I made a move and then I look in his recent history and he's saying oh I miss you @whomever, you're so awesome, if I could favorite everything you say I would, and so on & so on. The guy like most of their comments and replies and when I look at that I get all discouraged. It throws me off. I'm detached from all the guys in my past & even if we're (close) friends I don't do shout outs & mentions pr anything. It makes me think they have deep feelings with some girl and it almost feels like I'm competing. I really look forward to getting to know a guy then I see he's broadcasting his fondness over a girl from his past.

Is this weird for me to feel?

Alot of typos..."The guy liked most of her comments and replies" , "they have deep feelings for some girl", "...his fondness over a girl from his past I feel disheartened in a way."


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  • I guess you're better off with other guys. These type of guys who still clings to their old infatuations while at the same time displaying a very endearing of fondness on a new girl, are usually the jerks who always complicate relationships and are often exposed to unfaithfulness.

    There are so many guys out there whom you may choose from that are capable of displaying a genuine care and fondness to a single girl whom they've chose to be a part of their life.

    They are someone who will never give you up, never let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

    • So am I in the wrong for feeling this way as in am I being too worrisome or something? I go back and forth with this feeling because I think "well it's in his past and he said this all before he even met me" but then I see he's still liking her pics & stuff or they frequently comment each others statuses and such.

    • If he's being genuine to his feelings to you, perhaps they are just good friends now.

      Good friends usually like each others' pics and status.

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  • It just proves that his maturity has a long way to go before he really is ready for the talents of a girl,x

  • A lot of guys are two-timers, that's not news to you, is it?

    And what can you say about a guy who is always broadcasting his feelings for many different girls? Wouldn't most guys keep their feelings to themselves if their feelings were genuine?

    These guys are just cyber flirts, their feelings aren't genuine. but I think you know that! Just hought you'd like a guy to confirm what you already think!

    • Lol actually I didn't know what to make of it because it's just one girl or two in particular & they know them in real life so I truly didn't know if it's something I should be concerned about or that I'm just being an insecure girl~ or something.

    • No, you're not being paranoid or anything. There are so many red flags here!

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