Are men adjusting to what is given out there?

Last night I had a conversation about men with my girl friend and she said that she is looking for someone who completes her and want her for who she is not for how she looks like ( she is hot by the way).

Trying to comfort her I said that:

I won't speak for the world I'll speak for Greece.

Say in Greece there is a percentage of 98% of women in our age that all I want is sex and maybe sex from the first night.

And there is a percentage of 2% of women in our age that want what you want.

Considering that you can say that men are adjusting to what is given out there.

Now, if the situation was reversed from women side I pretty sure that it would be reversed from men side too.

Am I right?


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  • You're trying to explain a hypothetical situation which includes both evolutionary and environmental factors by looking at the environmental factors as the only variable. You would need chafes in both variables in order to see that kind of shift.


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  • Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

    • So you are saying that the only thing that men are looking for is sex

    • No. And if you think that's the only alternative to your laughable theory then you really don't think very well.

    • I don't need the sarcasm. I am not your friend to talk to me like that.

      I asked a question and I wanted some answer.

      Now, if you don't feel like helping me please do me a favor and shut up.

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