Do I have to go to Colombia ? :)

hi guys , I want to be a model but I'm short to be but when I was searching I noticed that there are many short models around the world especially in Colombia my body is super I have to say because it it :) :) and I'm slim so this makes me taller :) and it really does when I give pose my legs look really tall and I look tall . I'm 1.61 and 46 kg what should I do :) my butt is looking good and check out my profile picture please u'll see a photo that my body looks like this what can I do what do you recommend me to do :)


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  • I'm Colombian, and I heard of people going to America to be models, but not the other way around. Check it out if you want, I used to work for a model agency (nothing prestigious, just an errand boy) and most of the women were around the 5'9ish range. Do what you think is right.

    • my body is like catalina otalvaro's I'm serious I really want to be :) even a pose of her I gave and my legs look as long as hers I'm serious :) and I made me happy I'm slim but I'm in a good shape I mean I have curves I have boobs butt :D hahaha 88 59 90 :) I think the measures are good enough

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    • what can I do ? :) can you say me anything to do can I be a model you know my short :( I wish I were 5-6 cm taller how good it could be anyway it's impossible :) do you know any model who's short like me :D and a model fot underwears and bikinis :) not nude

    • I really don't know any models that are that short off the top of my head. I'd say go to Colombia because the average height there is shorter than in the States, and even though I don't think you're going to be an opener, you can get some good experience and connections if you find the right place.

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  • Is that you? You're so smoking hot.

    Colombia definitely is a breeding ground for aspiring models, and it offers a lot of agencies as a proof.

    • no that's not me :) I didn't wanna put a pic of me because some of people may make fun of me I didn't want this happening :) my legs are as long as catalina otalvaro's when I give pose like her I look at my pic and hers it was really good for me because I want to be a model like her :D there was no difference I can say easily :D

  • You can go anywhere to be a model haha, doesn't have to be just Colombia. I think a lot of people associate Colombia with good looking models, that's probably why you want to go there...also, don't they have a big trafficking problem there? or is that some other South American country I'm thinking of

    • haha :D yes Colombia is known by good looking models :D but that's not the main reason I'm short and I need to go anywhere which country has short models and also which country accept to work with short models I don't want nude shoots bikini , underwear .. is OK for me but not nude ones :) if I go to the U.S.A it'll be nude shoots I think because America has very tall and beautiful models :)

    • Haha, no wouldn't be nude. Besides, if they ask you to do them, you can just say no, and find somewhere else

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  • yeah go to columbia to become a webcam model. we all know that isn't you. how old are you and how big is your penis?

    thanks for the giggles

    • r you drunk awkard anonymous :D ?

    • lets be honest you aren't going to be a model of any kind but its nice to see you think that you look as good as the pic you had up before