Girls do you like it when your eyes meet with a random guy?

Girls do you like those moments when you're just minding your own business at the mall or supermarket and your eyes meet with a random guy? Not in a creepy way but when you both just happen to look at each other and keep looking slightly longer than normal? Or when you both look and then look back again a few seconds later? What's going through your mind?


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  • Oh yeah, I love it, mini crushes xD I never actually talk to the guy though...a guy's only come to me once and it was really awkward lol but yeah, I like those moments :)

    • mini crushes..I like that lol What did the guy say?

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    • lol oh well he probably thought that was cute :)

    • lol I don't think so, I literally ran away! buut yeah, it's fun:)

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  • of coarse! what's going through my mind? the obvious, we are checking each other out.

  • Random guy , No


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