What are the best clothes to wear for a tall skinny guy to wear ?

What are the best type of clothes for a skinny guy to wear to help him look better.

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  • fwiw my boyfriend is almost 6' and has a 30" waist so I hope this helps some. get clothes that you like and have them fitted/tailored because you won't find much that properly fits a skinny guy. if you want to look bigger wear layers. don't do the baggy thing or it will look really bad. go for 'slim fit' sizes. don't do skinny jeans unless you want to look skinnier. also don't do bold defined vertical stripes. calvin klein, dkny, and kenneth cole are some brands of what my boyfriend wears for dressier clothes. tshirts hoodies & jeans are just whatever fits.

    • You have no idea how hard it is to find dress shirts... I swear it's like a mission for delta force.

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  • Anything as long as it isn't baggy


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