What is the guy's deal?

I've been staring/glancing at my college crush for over a year, we end up in the same places around school randomly. Anyways I'll look/glance and he ALWAYS notices and he'll glance/stare back from the moment we make eye contact, kind of smirk sometimes and doesn't stop looking at me until I stop looking. I ignored him months ago when he said something to me. Looks at each other still continued. Then I decided to say something to him when he was talking to my friend and he responded by diverted his body/eyes and didn't carry on the convo. Yet the staring/looking continues and sometimes he'll look at me first and when I don't look at him he stops looking.

He's really cute, popular, outgoing so why does he keep looking at me if he is not interested in talking to me?


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  • Sounds like he's pretty typical for a guy your age. Guys can be very uncomfortable and awkward around girls they are attracted to. He probably wants desperately to say something to you, but doesn't know what or how, so he just shuts down. That's the way I was at that age. It was brutal.

    If you are interested in him, take the initiative and talk to him. Make him feel comfortable, set him at ease. You're probably going to have to step up if you want to get together with him.


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