If you are with someone... can people usually tell by looking at your pictures...


or not and why?

how about this picture? can you tell or not?


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  • I'm sure if someone looked at pics of me and my girlfriend they could tell we are together. based on the picture you linked no I wouldn't necessarily think those people are together.

    I didn't vote on your poll because I wasn't sure if the question is in general or specific to the picture you linked.


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  • Nope, not usually. I knew a girl who had a number of people comment on her picture saying that her and the guy looked like a cute couple.

    They were siblings.

    So, no, it's not like this stuff is obvious. Not always. Not even often. You're pretty much need to be in some kind of lovers embrace, or kissing, or something else. Even then, depending on what two people are like together, sometimes things like hugs, or even GROPING, can be misleading. Hell I know some people who grope as a gag!

    Short answer: No.

  • A pic is just a pic. Unless they are making out or something, you can't tell.


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