First date with a guy. Should I wear makeup? heard that guys hate makeup.

I love wearing makeup. I feel more confident and beautiful when I have makeup on.

But I heard that guys hate girls who wear makeup.

What to do ? Should I wear just an eyeliner and some foundation?

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  • Guys love makeup on girls koz it makes them look attractive
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My date was AWESOME :)

Thank you for all the answers peeps ::)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Use make up but don't hide yourself in it. Show off your already existing beauty, if you need makeup just put enough on to make you feel good, not bombshell, good. I'm not sure what foundation is, but if you can cake it on, careful with that, going out with a girl with a different colored neck is a bit weird and a deal-breaker for me at least. Put it on but not enough to notice you've put anything on, that's where it's at, not freaking the guy out when the guy sees you without any make-up. After that first date though, guess you can start showing off, but I recommend getting guild lines from pros then basing your expressions within those guidelines so you don't do faux-pas one after an other, you can push the boundaries where your confidence soars and if you make some mistakes, it's not that bad and you can learn from it easy because your having fun while your being beautiful. make-up's art, an art one can share with everyone, just try and stay within your character and you'll rock it ;) good luck

    • Thank you loads :)

      Really helped ! esp the part : going out with a girl with a different colored neck is a bit weird and a deal-breaker

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What Guys Said 5

  • I personally hate make up, but most guys won't mind. Especially if you're not excessive with it. But ya, I feel make up is just too dishonest and really isn't that appealing compared to a natural look anyways. Oh well though, your choice. Just do what you want for you and if the guy doesn't like it, might not be right for each other (but don't let that be the only factor).

  • I don't hate makeup but allot of makeup is bad. just lightly touch up your main features.

  • As long as you don't overdo it.

    • Thank you :)

    • Eyeliner and maybe some blush and simple lipstick, nothing fancy. I'm a sucker for eyeliner though so way biased on this!

    • Alright x)

  • You should always wear makeup when you are with a guy.

    • So why like makeup on a girl?


      N what about eye shadow? Do you prefer gloss or lipstick on a girl ?

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    • hahaha okay thanks

    • No problem I hope I helped you out.

  • im ugly an girls hate me

    • oh why are you saying so?Everyone is beautiful. . .

What Girls Said 4

  • Guys who say they hate when girls wear make-up have probably only seen girls who cake their make-up on in large amounts. I think it's fine if you wear it in moderation. Just wear enough to highlight your features, but don't put on so much that you can easily tell you're wearing any. A little really goes a long way in most cases.

    • But foundation sometimes look cakey :/

    • I guess it can sometimes. It might just depend on the brand. I use Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder and it's great.

  • Just be yourself. If you usually wear make-up then do that. I imagine that as long as it's not an insane amount that makes your face look real fake, he's not going to mind it.

  • Guys like it as long as you keep it simple and don't go all drag queen on them

  • if you look pretty, they're not going to hate you because you're wearing make up.

    Guys are generally pretty unobservant anyway. when they say "they don't girls who wear make up" what they really mean is that they don't like girls who plaster it on with a trowel to the point where you can't disern what they might look like underneath.