What's it take to be "cool"?

so I was in live chat as I usually am and I was talking to someone for the first time, I won't mention their name but the convo as about body weight muscles and stuff like that

so I said "i don't want to be the stereotypical muscle guy just as much as girls don't want to be the stereotypical good looking and healthy skin type of girl"

theirs a commercial that shows this to be true

so she wound up saying I was cool because of it, and I'm wondering

what does it really take to be cool? is it saying something just like what I said, is it doing good, is it being there for people, I mean I just want to know what being cool really is

correction in title of question: What DOES it take to be "cool"


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  • Yeh I disagree-i've never met a girl that doesn't want to be the stereotypical good looking and healthy skin type of girl. Why would any girl want to be ugly with bad skin? And why would any guy not want to be muscly and attractive to lots of girls?! Everyone has different perceptions of what is cool and what isn't. In that context it was probably meant as you being cool because you don't conform and you don't feel you need muscles etc to get places. You don't mind being different idk. I consider cool as someone who dresses sexy (sweats,hoodies) and has a great personality and is good looking and someone who you want to be around because they're fun-that's cool to me.


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  • I agree with xxangel1990xx--most girls do want to be good looking and have healthy skin. But that's beside the point.

    To me, being "cool" is just about being yourself. That's pretty much it.

  • Cool is dressing in a way that is fashionable, or looks good on you. You can be cool and dress totally different as long as you are confident and know how to rock it. Always take pride in your appearance and make an effort though.

    Cool is looking good. You don't have to have a certain prototype just as long as it works foryou


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  • The idea of "being cool" is meaningless after high school. I'm not saying you mentioned that, but just debating that. Being "cool" should be about being yourself. If you are comfortable, you will show a positive appeal that is attractive for some girls.

    However, if you want the absolute truth, it wouldn't hurt to dress the part. Just as guys are overwhelmingly mesmerized by a beautiful girl, or shapely figure, so are girls. But in a different way. Girls love a fashionable man, or at least one that shows he takes care of himself. Self respect is an incredible trait. So remember, you may not be "cool" but you'll most definitely turn heads. Be sociable, be likable, and most importantly be yourself. Now that's "cool".

    "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society".

    Mark Twain

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