Am I creepy or cute?

I've noticed lately that in passing on the street, in the halls at college etc. I'll sometimes glance at a guy for maybe 2 seconds instead of 1, and he'll glance at me then his eyes will immediately dart back to where we're making eye contact til I look away/pass and I can't tell if he is thinking "why is this creepy person staring at me" or if I'm cute... their facial expression doesn't change or show anything :( Am I being weird? I don't mean to stare I just look and sometimes am slow at looking off... idk


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  • you should smile. but he probably doesn't think its weird. people have eyeballs, they look at stuff, they make eye contact with other people. it happens. but it CAN get weird if you keep a straight face... but I have no idea what he's thinking, if you think you're cute he probably does too

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