Why do some guys not want girls to wear any makeup?

I met a guy who I became friends with at a summer group that lasted for 3 weeks. From the 2nd week he liked a girl who I'd made friends with too, and in the beginning of the 3rd week the girl said he'd told her the day before that he didn't want her wearing makeup that day, and wanted her to wear a certain pin in her hair and she actually did it.Then a few days later due to problems between them, the guy said she wasn't worth it anymore and that he had fallen for me. The next week when we were on the phone, he was saying he's seen me wear a bit of makeup but I was beautiful and didn't need it, and said he didn't want me to wear it as well.

He said he thinks when girls wear makeup they're hiding their true selves, and he's even told his sisters to take off their makeup when asking him how they look. I only wear a bit of makeup eg clear lipgloss and eyeliner and I don't wear it most days, but sometimes on weekends, and the other girl was quite natural as well. So why do some guys not want girls to wear makeup, even if it's natural/ not that much?


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  • Preference. I am sure that you have a preference for the kind of guys you like, or clothes they wear or whatever. For instance, I look like a bear! So typically only girls that like bears like me. :-) (Ok being a little silly, but making a point.)

    Some guys prefer makeup, some guys do not. It is a preference.

    The real question for you is... do you want to change what you like for him? There is nothing wrong if you do as long as you know that even if you didn't he would still like you, therefore you are doing it to please him. but if you are doing it because you are afraid he might not stay with you, then I would not change a thing.

    Hope this makes sense...


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  • Obviously he's attracted to natural beauty not what we females think make us beautiful,it's a pain in the butt nd makes me feel sloppy when I have no make up , but my boyfriend is the same way he lives when I'm completely natural because it's the real you (: and I'm sure your beautiful with make up but to him your probably breath taking ... its sweet that he finds your natural side beautiful along with your fixed up cosmetics side.

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