Is it safe to go to Paris alone?

I have been planing a trip to Paris ever since I can remember. I´m still not sure when I am going, but I want to SO BAD.

I´m 24 years old and I´m going by myself. I live in a big city that is beautiful but also kind of dangerous in certain places, so I know how to take care of myself. But France is a different country.

Please, would you tell me what things I shouldn't never do so that I´m safe?

Another thing I would like to know is how do French people view girls who do things alone. Because I will be going to the movies alone, I will sit at little cafes alone, I will go to museums alone and pretty much everything alone. Is this frowned upon? Or are French people used to doing things alone? I´m asking this because where I live doing things by yourself is the most common thing ever, but then again, France is a different country.

Another thing I would like to know is how I should act and look because I DO NOT want to look like a tourist.

I speak English and french, so this is not an issue. But while I´m there I would like to look as parisian as possible!

Thank you so much!


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  • Salut, comme j'ai la chance de pouvoir répondre en Français je vais le faire. Histoire de représenter ma patrie ! ;)

    Tout d'abord, les filles qui font des activités seules any sont pas mal vues. Je me balade souvent seule en ville, je fais ma vie sans demander l'avis de quiconque.

    De plus, Paris est une ville très moderne, tant dans le style de vie que dans les mentalités, donc ce any sera pas un probleme.

    Le probleme de Paris, ce sont les vols, les pickpockets plus précisément & les cibles sont les touristes. Si tu veux éviter de te faire voler, habille toi comme tu as l'habitude de le faire. Pas avec des baskets, un sac à dos & un chapeau de montagnard. En plus, se balader dans Paris habillée avec classe, c'est juste MAGIQUE !

    Il wy a certaines villes/banlieues/cités à éviter, aux alentours de Paris, mais elles sont très en marge et tu any t'y retrouveras pas par hasard. Evite le Bois de Boulogne, c'est une maison close en plein air ^^!

    J'espère t'avoir aidé & que tu profiteras bien de ton voyage! :)

    • Oh mon dieu! Merci beacoup! Paris est la plus belle cite du monde, tu as de la chance!

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    • Thank you so much for both answers! (I say this in English in case someone else wants to understand) This is the exact kind of advice I need, I really appreciate it. Merci!

    • Le livre en Fran?ais est une tr?s bonne id?e !

      Bon voyage :)

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  • It's cool. You should be fine given you don't do really stupid things, like strut around in dodgy areas alone at night in nothing but your panties and bra ^^.

    I'd recommend you stay off the RER, and towards the end stops of some metro lines late at night/early morning, on or after nights where people go out.

    Generally it's safe, but you know you are travelling alone and no one has your back so stay on the safe side and just get a taxi if you can.

    You probably won't be visiting the dodgy areas anyways, they're not pretty to see and they're on some of the outskirts of Paris so you'll have no reason whatsoever to see them.

    Aside from that, being alone seems fine. I see people alone at cafes reading books drinking coffe or just chilling and it's not a big deal. Mostly people don't care, they're too concerned about what they're doing to even notice. Chances are nobody will really notice, and if they do they'll assume you're waiting for someone. And those who figure out you're alone won't care anyway ^^.

    • Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it. And may I say, you are really lucky to live in France. I don't know how you feel about your own country, but it is wonderful from my perspective!

    • It's not quite as nice to live in than it is to visit in my opinion. But there's no doubt it's a really really beautiful city, going to town is just awesome, especially in the summer. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it, when you're here on holidays it's just got a super laidback vibe and it's such a nice setting it'll feel like you could stay forever :).

      And like the other girl said, don't dress like a tourist and you won't be a target, even for simple things like getting ripped off.. And enjoy! :)

  • Used to live in paris, you won't have any problems. Just stay in the center (in the areas where people have money basically) don't go to the suburbs (banlieues) and you won't have any problem. As for how you should look just try to dress well (don't wear abercrombie and brands like that) and you'll look "parisian". I'm not sure if going alone will be fun - altough it depends on your personality - because to be honest we french people are not that welcoming. It's quite rare for someone to go alone in a bar for example

    • Thank you, that is exactly the kind of advice I need! I'm very used to travelling alone and being on my own in big cities, so I think it will be OK anyway.

  • Ever seen Taken?

  • I have already visited Paris and... No wait I live there actually.

    Avoid the north and east of Paris at night, during the day the town is quite safe.

    The best places to go out in the evenings are Bastille, le Panthéon (Mouffetard/Contre-escarpe), Odéon, and Châtelet.

    Oh and a recommendation. By the book, pedestrians have priority when they cross a street. That's only theory though. So pay extra attention to this.

    And pickpockets, yeah. Phone and papers + money in the inside pocket of your closed jacket.

    To look parisian, it's quite easy really. Don't look happy, slam the doors in people's face every time you can, and never talk to or look at anybody when walking ;)

    And as for "Taken", people, tell me how many violent movies happened in the USA, for numbers' sake ;)

    • Thank you so much for the advice! I asked this question somewhere else and the only answers I got had something to do with the movie "Taken". I hate that, I'm talking about something real, not a film, and yes you're right about the violent movies that happen in the USA.

  • Not completely. Sounds like a bad idea to me.

    This reminds me of that movie "Taken", lolz.


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  • there's some places that you should avoid during the night and even more if you're alone! For example Pigalle, Barbès-Rochechouart, Montmartre, rue de Saint-Denis, Belleville... pretty good places to go during the day but definitely not at night ;) now as Behindthefront said there's a lot of pickpockets and that's the main problem here so be very careful when you take the metro!

    passe un très bon séjour ici :) profites bien car Paris a beaucoup de belles choses à offrir :D

  • I have been there and It is nice and all, but honestly I wouldn't go alone. Its just not safe to do such a thing. But its your choice. I say just follow all the advice you have been given and keep your guard up. People love to stare out there...

  • I don't think so.. no.

  • I don't care how safe a country is... Don't travel alone. Always travel with at least one person.

  • Pickpockets! Those gypsies. When I went there with my school someone tried to steal our passports from one of the chaperones, but she shifted her bag then they got off at the next stop and a police man got on, and was looking for them. It was pretty freaky.

    Also I went to visit the sacred coeur (sorry if its spelt wrong) at night and that neighborhood was very sketchy. Some drunk Parisian was harassing us, and a shop keeper was trying to bed one of my classmates, and we were only 16.

    I wouldn't advise going out at night. And getting an over the shoulder bag that way people don't go past you and just rip it off your shoulder on scooters, because that's common. Have fun though!