Riddle me this, why do they sell 50 shades of grey at grocery store?!?!?

I ask, because I got a book for Christmas and I'm

not a big reader,but I really liked this book! : ) Anyway,

the book I got was a James Patterson book, it's called

10th Anniversary and it's a part of his Women's Murder

Club series of books. So, being is as that I liked this one,

obviously I want to get the next one which is called 11th hour.

So, we were at the grocery store today and I thought I

would see if they had the book there, since they do sell

magazines and books there. I was looking at the books

and they didn't have mine, but they did have 50 Shades

of Grey! I'm wondering,why?

Like, me personally I don't think it's an appropriate

place to sell a book such as that. Being as that the content

is (from what I hear) more then a little racy,so why would

any establishment such as a grocery store risk selling

a book like that? And, why can't I find 11th hour by

James Patterson lol? Where does one look for this

book (aside from the obvious lol) ?


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  • Amazon.com if you want to know you should ask the management there, people sell what sells...


    If not go to a nearby bookstore...


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  • Money, money, honey.

  • if its a hit they want to make some money. Plus little kids don't have a clue, so no big deal. Just be mature about it

  • Riddle me this, riddle me that, whos afraid of the big black bat

    This was originally in Batman Forever (I think?) but one of my favorite pro wrestlers, is Sting and he uses this quote a lot because his weapon of choice is a black baseball bat


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  • Their competing for Walmart. Like how Walmart has everything. They want everything too.