How do you show someone you like them?

Wondering if the following are signals that a guys likes a girl:

1. A lot of touching and also sitting close to a girl

2. Asking if you're in a relationship with someone

3. Looking mostly at you when he is in fact talking to a group

4. Saying "yeaaah p*rn is OK but see I find it gross" (haha as if!"

5. He helps a girl out with stuff

Ok I know I know you're thinking "duh! These are signs!" BUT people can be so so flirty or misleading and I am really confused! So let's talk about flirting: what are your dead giveawaysigns?!

I'm playful and lean their way and look at the guy's eyes and lips for a sec and also touching their arm etc And above all laughing t their lame jokes hahaha!


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  • Yes, those are definitely the signals.

    Even if #1 and #2 are present, it's more than enough to tell that he really likes you.

    • Great! So you think numbers one and 2 are enough huh. He did say he was sorta dating someone though but he said it's nothing at all. Which is why I'm confused. I guess girls over think stuff huh haha

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