Girls: What do you think of a straight guy writing articles on men's style?

What would your reaction be if you found out a guy wrote articles on men's style?

I'm in the middle of laying the groundwork to begin marketing myself as a freelance writer, writing articles for blogs, magazines and e-zines. At the moment I'm making the decision of the 'fields' I should specialize in, and currently I'm leaning towards writing articles on:


Performing Arts

Civil Issues

Men's style

The first three are pretty okay, but the fourth has me wary. At the risk of sounding like a fud, I'm pretty well put together, style-wise and have been told by quite a few that I have "an eye for it". I tend to lean more towards the clean, "timeless" look; favoring sports jackets, long-sleeved shirts, v-neck jumpers, etc, if you were wondering. I don't think it could be considered a hobby of mine, nor am I obsessed with my appearance, but I was raised in the old-style manner of taking pride in one's appearance (I'm Scottish-British) so I know more about it than most guys I know.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

Returning to the question above: Girls, what would your reaction be to discovering that a straight guy writes articles on men's style? How would it effect your opinion of him, and (lets be honest) how would it impact his dating chances?


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  • I think it's fine. Fashion isn't only for gay men. I think a straight man can give a more masculine perspective for other men.


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  • I think it sounds awesome! I like it when a guy has an eye for fashion. Doesn't mean he has to be obsessed with it, but just that he likes it enough to know how to dress well and look good. I wouldn't mind at all if I could find a guy who cares a little about his appearance and knows how to dress for the occasion. Knowing how to dress doesn't make you gay, and anybody who thinks that isn't really worth your time anyway. I'd find it kind of hot actually.


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  • My reaction: dang bro nice work that's awesome.

    he better dress well to get a date. Guys like fashion, I like fashion,i like looking at karl lagerfelds videos for chanel, doesn't make me gay, its just something interesting

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