I want to be a beautiful girl. Apart from my color and nice outfits, which will suit me?

i am a dark complexioned girl. my height is also short. I am a bit fat also. please suggest some outfits which can make me beautiful. I can't wear shorts and skirts because my legs are also not fair and they are not thin also and a hairstyle for medium length curly hair. so that can become a beautiful girl in my school. q:14


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  • Try wearing a lot of dark colors and add life to your outfits with accesories.

    For example:

    1. black thights, with wedge booties, and a high waisted lose dress. (if the dress is short and its high waisted your legs will look longer). And then add color with bright bags, jewellery, cardigans etc.

    2. dark wash skinny jeans, a dark colored sweater that goes just under your hips (that will make your legs look thinner) and a long necklace or a bright colored scarf and shoes.

    3. black skinny jeans, tight plain black top, and over that a bright colored cardigan. You should close the cardigan at the front and add a belt, which will give your body a nicer shape.

    For the hair, you should try straightening it. That will not damage your hair if you use products to protect it first. You should try growing your hair longer. When it is a little bit under the shoulder try sleeping with sponge curlers. Your hair is naturally curly so it doesn't need any other products to curl, and in the morning you will have nice big curls (something like Taylor Swift).

    You should wear bronze, gold, beige and brown makeup tones.

    But remember, being beautifull is a reflection of you confidence, so try working on that first :)

    If you wan't some more advice you should send me a message! :D


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  • 1. Higher the waist, better the outcome.

    How do you create the illusion that your torso is actually smaller than it is? Sometimes wearing a high waisted bottom or belt can really help make your legs look longer than they really are.

    - Use a belt that is no wider than 1" to belt at or above the waist. Using anything larger than that will make your legs look shorter.

    - Don’t like belts? You can opt for high waisted bottoms (i.e., pants, shorts, skirts, etc.). These bottoms will sit right on your waist line.


    Chictopia Style Icon, Iris of Irisanddaniel and petite fashionista, Rachel Bilson, wore their romantic florals gorgeously by pairing their dress/skirt up with a thin belt at the waistline.

    2. Crop it all off.

    Just like suggestion #1, you’d want to make your torso appear smaller than it really is. When pairing a high waisted bottom with a crop top, this is an idealistic choice for us petite gals.


    Chictopia Style Icons, TheVagabond and JeanGreige styled their crop tops effortlessly, pairing theirs up with some high waisted bottoms.

    3. Be monochromatic!

    We all love to live our lives in technicolor, however, for us gals who are on the short side, this may cause a problem! Wearing too much color can really make us look frumpier than we really are. So, an ideal choice would be to wear your outfit all in one color.

    Don’t like to wear an all color theme? You can just simply wear the same color shoes as your pants/leggings/stockings. It’s a great alternative, too.

    4. Max up your height with maxi dresses.

    I usually shop at the kids’ department when it comes to maxi dresses, but if you can’t find any there, make sure to stick with maxi dresses that are more body fitting. This will show off your silhouette, distracting others from focusing on your height.

    Though you may be tempted to lean towards the flowy kinds, don’t! The super flowy kinds, like the one Gisele is gorgeously wearing in the H&M ads, provide a bulky look and you may end up looking stumpy and frumpy.

    - Source: Chictopia


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  • And you don't have to straighten your hair,its damaging so don't do it frequently.I have curly hair but I think I look better with it curly or wavy,not straight anymore.Try wavy,just braid your hair after washing your hair or if you straighten it,spray a water based hair moisterizer or curling foam and braid hair.When the hair is dry you'll have wavy looking hair depending on the size of the braid.

  • Ur legs are only fair because you always wear pants they cover them my friends have that problem and still try to wear shorts but don't very often.Try wearing bright tropical colors for shirts and dresses

  • Exercise and eat healthy to lose weight

    Straighten your hair

    What's your body type/shape? Try dressing for it

    • Straightining will not make my hair fall or it will harm my scalp ?

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