How to tell if this guy likes me?

I have been interested in this guy for a while. He has given me all the signs that he's interested: staring and quickly looking away, smiling, politeness, blushing, rushing back to open up a door for me, nervous giggles, checking me out whilst driving past me, initiates conversations, came to a party when he was told I would be there, stares at me out of the corner of his eyes and smiles when he catches me looking. Sometimes when I look he'll look at the ceiling, floor or wall.

I find him shy, nervous and awkward but have recently been told however, that when he's out he's loud, outgoing, funny and has no problem talking to girls.

Do I really make him that nervous?



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  • Yes. You made him nervous. Try to talk to him sometimes friendly. He is just thinking that you ll hurt him and he is afraid of you.

    • Fortunately, I was playing this role of the guy with my crush.

    • I think that too, I told him months ago, before we had even spoke, that he was hot and asked him out but I think I freaked him out because he told me he was seeing someone, I now know he's not. He has then done everything I said above. Thanks for your advice!

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  • He definitely likes you.

    And he is nervous around you.

    Tell him to lighten up.

    • Will try that, thanks for the comment.

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  • I have a guy who behaves exactly this way, I was told by a lot of people that he likes me more than normal. In the end since he nvr asked me out, I asked him out 1st and he told me that he can't go because his girlfriend is waiting for him in house... So I'm not sure what to think anymore of these signals :(

    • Sounds like he is as scared as my guy. How has he reacted towards you since? Mine has paid more attention since I said I liked him. Look for that and you'll know. Good Luck!

    • i am still in vacation, before I left I asked him out for coffee and he told me that he has girlfriend right? so I will pay more attention to him after I will meet him again after this :)