What do these signs means ? am confused

it's been almost 2 years now and everyday is the same thing ,

there is this guy I see everyday on my way back home from work or at lunch time at first I thought he had a crush on me because:

where ever I go he goes

smile at me

eye contact

**** the usual stuff****

so I took the step and I talked to him casual talk ,once ,twice and nothing no respond at all he never took a step and tried to talk to me first so I give up & told my self maybe I read the signs wrong

and after one year of me talking to him he:

look at me when iam not looking ( my friends told me that)

when I catch him looking he completly look away

when am behind him " going home" he always turn around and see if iam here

if am in the train or the telpher he is always cheking if am here

maybe am over analysing this but what do you think of this ?

it's driving me crazy !



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  • It's clear that he's attracted to you.

    Perhaps, he's the shy type. Also, approaching girls is very nerve-wracking, intimidating, and makes our heart race too fast. Sometimes, we don't know what to say when approaching a girl, or sometimes when the girl is around, it makes us too self-conscious. I don't know what his problem is, but it's clearly that he likes you.

    • thank you very much 4 your answer

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