Do our hands get larger as we get older, if so what age?

I noticed most older guys especially tend to have much larger hands then younger guys, it seems pretty common. do you think this happens?

generally I think I've noticed that we really start looking like men at 30, I'm 20 and like most still don't look like what I would think of as and adult like its a last growth spurt, I am guessing this is when our hands grow bigger too but idk?


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  • The hands are actually one of the first parts of the skeleton to stop growing, while the legs and spine are some of the last, so your hands stop growing even before you stop growing in height. It's only really the ears and nose that continue to grow throughout your lifetime, as they're made of cartilage rather than bone.

    • so why do almost all guys 30 plus seem to have far larger hands than those younger?

  • Everything but our penis gets bigger. Our glasses, our cars, our ears...yup