I think I'm unattractive, but don't know for sure..

.. I've never had a boyfriend, but that might as well be the result of being shy up until I was about 19. I'm 20 now, and I'm trying to figure out where I am on the looks scale.

- Very thin

- Small hips

- Small boobs

- Small waist

- Ass that sticks out when you look from the side o_O

- Long legs (and arms)

- Flat tummy

- Long brown hair

- High cheekbones, thin nose, groomed eyebrows, full lips, quite small eyes (hazel).. en profile my nose sticks out a bit too much, but it's not big.

- I wear casual clothes which make me look nice.. I like simple stuff without too much accessories

- I wear make-up (mascara, eyeliner, foundation, a bit of bronzing powder)

..guys have had crushes on me, and I've been on a few dates and had a fling, but I wasn't attracted enough to want them as a boyfriend. The guys that I like aren't the most gorgeous guys, but they're different from the rest (that's what I like).. but they usually don't really like me.

So please give me your opinion :)


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  • Don't worry about your looks. You sound cute. I know a girl who is NOT cute. She seriously does not have a very pretty face (it's ok) and her body is sort of average skinny with a flat chest and stuff. But she gets a lot of guys! Because she has a fun personality and she takes care of herself and puts herself out there. Guys are not intimidated by her, they think she is cool and fun to be with. And she acts kind of confident, too.

    Anyways, it takes a lot of mingling and hanging out with different people to find someone you really click with. Don't assume it's because of your looks. It can be this way for almost anyone, hot, not, or in between.

    • Thanks, I guess that's all I needed to hear ^^

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  • Not trying to be a d***, but really...if you really want to hear compliment then put your picture up. Have the guts to do that, but to give this long drawn out description in hopes of getting your selfesteem boosted is kinda lame. Besides looks aren't everything. It's not the only reason someone may or may not have a boyfriend.

    • I put a pic up somewhere else in the mean time. Got the answer I needed.. so there's no use anymore. And it's a serious question, I'm doubting myself because no one wants to be with me as my boyfriend. Whether or not you want to believe me is up to you. You might as well have left out everything from this answer except for the last two sentences. Thank for the answers.

    • You missed the point. Go through life looking for validation from other people and yourself up for a lifetime of getting played. Don't give strangers that power.

  • From what you say you sound pretty attractive. How tall are you?

  • Thirsty?


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