Ladies or sharp dressed men. Current trend in men's shoes?

Ladies...are there any particular styles of shoes you like in particular on men? I tend to buy the best I can afford and I don't really get into buying a pair that is $200 and will be out by next year. I am looking into shoes that are to be worn in the club dancing or out at a NICE place for dinner. Maybe even something I would wear with jeans and a blazer to sharpen up the whole look. I would appreciate the input. Thanks!


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  • Stay away from trendy then. Most high end men's shoes should not be trend based - te core products don't change for decades in many cases.

    Though $200 is kid of around the starting point for real shoes that can last if taken care of. On sale.

    • I think I just needed you to tell me something I already knew. I am into spending money on things that last and most of my things are timeless. I like AE shoes. I think cap toes or wings have been around forever and are here to stay. These are things I tend to spend money on. I see some shoes that may look good on someone else but I would never think to buy. Case in point. Some of the retro adidas/puma shoes. I have never bought them. BA for you. Thanks

    • AE is the gateway shoe if you're North American lol.

      There are similar quality and cost shoes to AE made in the UK, if you're looking for options, but you'd have to order them. Generally size one down from your US size. High end shoes by Loake or low end shoes from Barker for example would be in a similar range. Maybe Cheaney as well. Then there are more expensive ...

      If you have say two pairs of good dress shoes you take care of and add one a year, you'll be adding much faster...

    • Then the uppers wear out and you can build up a rotation of core shoes.

      Cap toes, plain toes, wing tips, long wings all with open or closed lacing, single and double monks, in blacks and browns and other shades, none of these fly in and out of style.

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  • I like almost anything , I'm not too picky on clothing


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  • Man just buy some $20 perry ellis. It ain't the shoes, but simply the man in the shoes. Don't forget that.