Hey guys! How come my ex talks the talk but can't walk the walk?

We still text as mates, but we still get flirty then he backs off... why does he flirt still? Does he like playing games? Or is he playing his cards close to his chest, as we agreed there is chemistry? There are other issues involved as well so he says, but is all that an excuse?


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  • i would think so.

    one of my ex bf's would test me pretty x-rated texts and I pretty much knew he hadn't changed and that he was only after one thing.

    i think he woud try harder if he's serious, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure others may or may not disagree with what I've said.

  • He wants you to chase him! Many guys are like that! They will show that they are into you and as soon as you pay attention to them they back up! And when you act like you don't care he comes back with all that sweet talking and flirting! And it goes on and on! Don't waste your time girl, find somebody that truly cares, and don't get attached too quick! And always act like you can walk out on them anytime (which you might not) but I noticed you have to keep them on the edge! From my experience that's what I noticed and many older woman will tell you the same! I heard that a lot from my mom and me since I was the child I don't put a lot to what she said lol but she is right! I know men will disagree with me but between women that what it is!