Everyday look, what do you think?

Anything you would change, style or look wise? Any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to nitpick and be as critical as you so please.

link (picture quality and lighting is a odd, but whatever haha)

Just an 'anywhere' sort of look. School, library, etc.

a bit odd*


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  • You look well put together. My only suggestion would be to find clothes that fit you better. Your shirt and possibly pants look too big which makes you look bigger than you really are. You want to flatter your figure. You don't need to wear tight clothes, but maybe just a size down if you can. Button ups are always a good choice, same with dark jeans. It says classy and sophisticated but still laid back

    • I've been having trouble with that because I've been losing weight. (ex: link And since I don't think my figure is done changing as I'm trying to compete for boxing so I still have work to do. As a result I'm a bit hesitant to have the clothes tailored.

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    • I completely agree with her. I love a nice button down and a vest with some dark jeans, that is so attractive on a guy and basically every guy can pull it off, if they fit well. I don't think you're as big as you think you are, but don't worry about getting smaller because it is super simple to continually tailor things smaller and smaller. You can take as much fabric off a shirt/into a seam as you want.

    • I see what your saying, but I feel like constantly tailoring my entire wardrobe would be kind of expensive, no? ha ha but I definitely see what you're saying. Maybe I should do it now, then see how everything fits in 6-8 months from now.

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  • That's fine and maybe add a watch sometimes, it'd go with your look :)

    • Hmm, never wore a watch before (always felt a cellphone covered that haha), any suggestions?

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    • Oh I meant specific types of watches. I've never even looked into a watch before so I have no idea what's considered a good look or anything.

    • I have no idea either sorry I'm still in high school and guys only have digital watches but I was thinking of the nice fancy looking ones with a Calender or it looks intricate

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  • Okay man you need some SWAG. First off, that chick who made the comment about the clothing size is correct. You need to lose the rest of the weight and get a hold of some nicer shoes. And get your confidence up man your picture looks like you have the confidence of a Gump. I'm sure you can imagine what that means, and yes pun intended in reference to Tom Hanks.Dude you need a hairstyle too. Heavier guys need longer hair to throw off the emphasis from the weighted face, it maybe annoying but it's a fact. But in all honesty, what you need first isn't the outside, it's the inside. Because no matter how good you want to look, if you never believe in yourself then you'll always be ugly. You're on the right track...don't ask us now what we think. Does a caterpillar midway through butterfly transformation exit the cocoon and smile say, "Whatcha think guys"? No, the butterfly exits in flight. Next time, don't squirm by coming on here and expecting our pity, take flight by showing us your best shape and expect greatness. Have you ever turned in an essay without completing it? No matter what these other people have to say in response to your question, their truth will never soar as high as my own. You know what you need to do now? Get back in the cocoon and I don't want to see you until you become a butterfly!

    • I appreciate your response but you're way off base. My confidence has no issues, nor was I expecting a pity party (not sure where you got that from). I was coming on here to look for some subtle modifications I could make to improve on the look.(such as getting the clothes tailored, or a watch) I appreciate what you're saying about the hair style, but what's wrong with the shoes- timberland chelsea earthkeepers are like a step down from HELM which is too expensive on a college student budget.

    • Pity in the sense that you expect compliments. By the way those earthkeepers do not project sophistication in any form. I'm not exactly sure what type of girls you're going for but if its the hot ones. Also by the way your confidence does have issues otherwise you wouldn't be here. Does it have major issues maybe not but no issues...be more selective in word choice my friend. Now what I will say in terms of your style you're almost there a few tweaks here and there is all that's needed.

    • I don't want the shoes to go too far out of the range of everyday. If I wanted compliments I'd be posting it up on Facebook or something, that's what I have friends for. I ask strangers because I expect them to be critical and point out any flaw. What do you feel is a shoe that is a step above the timberland shoes I have on?

  • All the comments below are right actually I'm not knockin your shoes by any means either but you're a college student which I would not have guessed by looking at you I'm 34 with 2 kids and look closer to a college student than you do now j/s my profile says 25 because an ex was getting on here reading my sh*t and I couldn't figure out how she found me so easy but she just went through all the questions from guys 30 years old an up so I deleted it and made a new one with a diff age lol females are like the f***ing fbi when they wanna find something out. But really your look doesn't always have sh*t to do with anything it's your personality, attitude, and self esteem that do the most for you like ol boy was saying because believe it or not I've seen some pretty gumpy looking dudes get hot ass girls and I'm like wtf ha ha I'm sure you've seen yourself it all depends on the female not all females are about looks most are at least somewhat but being you're trying to meet a girl atm I'd listen any advice but take in what you feel can be useful like sizing your wardrobe down a bit deff...good luck don't get none on ya lol