Taking Pictures and Photography, any tips on self-portraits?

Has anyone here ever taken a picture of yourself and have it come out looking nothing like you for the worse and look like a completely different person? and then look in the mirror and see yourself again lol am I just using a bad camera or angles or something I look completely different in pictures than I do in the mirror any answers,tips, and whatever are appreciated :).


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  • That's how I feel, there is no good angel.

    Like ill look in the mirror , I look fine

    Then when I take pics, I look werid lol

    • some times I take pictures and I look all cross eyed... go to the mirror I look fine and I'm just left mind blown -.- lol wtf.

    • Yeah my theory about that is our human eyes see us differently than the camra and vice versa.

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  • ya my neck bone always comes out caz of the angle I saw jus ask someone to take the picture :)

  • Do it outside, indoor lighting inside sucks


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