Which of these jackets?

OK, so I'm replacing a jacket I used to have. It was a calf length, heavy, black leather duster style. It got a bit burned and...well, a bit exploded, so I don't have it.

I'm trying to choose between two styles, a 3-4 length, which breaks a few inches above my knee, sort of like this:


or this: link

The other choice is a little shorter, it falls to just below my arse, and it is this jacket: link

I dress, most of the time, almost exactly like the guy in the last link. Darkish grey-blue to dark blue jeans, black tshirt, black bike boots.

I will admit I would like to regain a little of the badass factor I had with my old jacket, cause it did billow out rather impressively. Going from the length of a wool coat I have, the shorter one should do that too.

The other factor is cost. Ordering from SoulRevolver, the short one is 350, and I can send it back if it doesn't fit quite right (I'd lose abotu 20 quid on shipping), the longer one is 500, but I can try it on.

I'm 6'3'', big in the chest and shoulders, carrying a few extra kilos but that will disappear in a few weeks.

What do you guys think? Longer or shorter?


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  • Personally, I prefer the third jacket, but it could be because I think the guy in it looks incredibly attractive. How many extra kilos? Perhaps if there were a picture of you, I could better judge. P.S. I'm also a lover of leather (and fur), and have a leather mini-vest, jacket, and coat. I myself have a 3/4 length black leather jacket, quite similar to the one you posted, and I noticed that my particular jacket looks extremely flattering on fit slim people, but it shows any flaws that might be present (like an increased bum size).

    • As long as I'm not wearing a spray-on shirt, I'm a virtual carbon copy. Deeper chest, shoulders maybe a little broader, but it's bone and muscle not fat. I've got, for the next week or so, a small roll of fat on my stomach, but barely enough for it to show through a shirt.

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    • I'm 18 :D I think I will probably go for the shorter one, just for cost :) plus that's what I'm headed for anyway I think. The older one...it had a lot happen to it. I crashed through several windows (at separate times) in it, skidded/rolled along concrete/pavement/brick wearing it, it got stabbed once, set on fire twice (once by me on purpose, after coating it with some kind of resin-y stuff, and once by accident). It got the lining ripped on razor wire once...

    • the death knell for it though was when it was in a car that happened to...sort of explode.

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  • Honestly speaking I don't like any of these jackets because they are made from leather and it makes 'em look kind of weird. I think all of them would look much more classy much better if they were from wool. But I do like short leather jackets like this link

    • I have a heavy leather bike jacket, a leather vest that I wore for Halloween once, liked and kept, made by ripping the sleeves off a charity shop one, and I have a fake leather one with a zip-out hood, fabric cuffs and pockets everywhere.

      I also have a wool overcoat and a double-breasted woolen coat. This is, with a bit of luck, the last jacket I'll buy for years.

    • Wow))) So many jackets). Then I think you should go for the third one :)

  • i don't like leather jackets so I'm not sure...


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  • I personally like the last link the best. To me is conveys a since of formality and maturity while still maintaining a good degree of badass rock star. The other are nice, but in my opinion a bit formal. But all in all, great taste bro, I like the style.

  • The longer ones make you look mysterious...more badass, as you say.

    I like the first one. The leather one is SO ostentatious, it loses all the mystery! Instead, it just looks like you're trying to show off.

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