What are your makeup tips?

so I'm sure everyone has a makeup trick/tip :)

mine is if you want to wear a 'bolder' color, like red or a berry but don't want it to pop too much or too bright, put on some chapstick on (make sure a good amount, so it looks shiny) and then you dap some of your lipstick on top of that. makes it looks softer & dewy, not so dry etc... :) that's what I mostly do every single day, eyeliner, black mascara & chapstick + a little bit of red lipstick!


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  • Primer. I love it. It always makes my foundation look more natural because you need to use less product for the same amount of coverage because less is absorbed.

    Exfoliate your lips before wearing a bold color. Unlike you, when I wear a red or bright lipstick I love the matt look, and I want it to be dramatic. Problem is I have pretty bad lips, the skin's always peeling or chapped which looks terrible with matt finish so with a toothbrush and some light moisturizer gently exfoliate them until they're smooth.

    I have small eyes, so I like to use eyeliner to pull out the inner corners of it - this works especially well for glam, night out looks. Very dramatic and makes your eyes pop even if you're using nothing but eyeliner.

    Eyebrows. I always fill mine; I'm not talking massive scouse brows, just a little bit of powder and fixing gel. Works wonders for making a look more finished.

    Use good brushes. No matter how good the make up is you're using, if you're applying it wrong, or with bad tools, it's never going to look right.

    Make sure you match foundation to the rest of your body, not your face. I know for me, the rest of me is a whole lot more tanned than my face because I fake tan in the winter, or it's more exposed to the sun because I wear make-up on my face still in summer. So the tone I use is usually a couple of shades lighter than my face, but matches my body perfectly.

    Contour, contour, contour... I have a really round face and chubby cheeks, so I need it haha.


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  • When I do spray on makeup I like to start with a good solid foundation but keep a tone that matches exactly with your skin color. As I work my way outward towards the rim of your face I add dabs of your skin color until it blends flawlessly with your natural color. It comes out looking as if you have no makeup on at all, and you avoid the dreaded clown mask.

    • Yeah, finding a foundation that matches with your skintone is so hard to find. I personally believe a foundation is to "cover" some imperfections, but it actually should look like you aren't wearing anything. It should look natural. Do you maybe have some tips how to find the perfect shade of foundation? :) I've tried tons of foundation at the makeup counter, and only one matched my skintone. (not perfectly, but close).

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    • I personally think I look better with gold jewelry. So I am a warm skintone then? :)

    • i would say its more than likely. a lot of finding your shades is just experimentation though. there's not really a rule book on it (I wish there was) so someone will just have to look at your face in different lights to see the shades. I like to take the girls I make over out on a few different "dates" to catch different lights and shades. my main focal point has always been the eyes. I try to bring as much attention to them as possible in every light.

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  • Nice one, haven't heard it!

    I use shimmer eyeshadow on my cheekbones to give a healthy glow. A white eyepencil on my waterline makes my eyes more open and more awake. Also a white or shimmery eyeshadown in the inner corners of your eyes makes you look fresh and awake as well :)

    • Thanks for the great tips! I've never tried the white eyepencil ... will it also make my eyes look a little bigger? I have kind of small eyes (and I like them) but sometimes I want them to look a little bigger. Will this help? :)

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    • Ok thanks! :)

    • You're welcome! Beautyblogs are fun to read as well! They give reviews, new products, give away actions, ...

  • I think people should put makeup on according to their features. That probably sounds like a "duh" thing, but there are so many girls that wear unflatttering makeup. Googling makeup tricks that flatter your eye shape, color and skin tone works wonders.

    For me I live by primer. It doesn't just make the look last longer, but it gives a better, smoother finish. Also, contouring with foundation/concealer/blush to make your face shape more angular.

  • Actually, you know I learned a trick for getting a soft look on bold lip colors:

    Take your chapstick and dip it in a blush of your choice(like red or hot pink) and then apply it to your lips. Courtesy of Andreaschoice


    Filling in eyebrows because they're dark brown and sparse...nothing special, just use a eyeshadow/eyebrow shadow or pencil and fill in.

    I usually use a shimmery white eyeshadow(too cheap and lazy to buy a highlighter) to highlight my cheekbones after contouring.

    • I had a question, sometimes I think about filling in my eyebrows just a little, but I find it often comes out very harsh and fake looking.. do you maybe know a great tip how to do it and it still comes out natural looking?

    • Use a powder/pencil one shade lighter if you aren't already

  • Concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow and tinted vaseline.

    Ever since I was little, this has been drilled into me by my mother

    "excess makeup is a mixture of two things: vanity and insecurity"

    So I keep everything as natural as possible- the makeup isn't supposed to wear YOU, YOU'RE supposed to wear the makeup.

    • That's a great quote! "the makeup isn't supposed to wear you, you're supposed to wear the makeup". lovely! :)

      And by the way, tinted vaseline sounds amazing! Where can I buy that?

    • Any local pharmacy I think.. it's not too hard to find- atm I'm using aloe vera vaseline to protect my lips :D

      any tinted lip balm that's in a metal container a bit like vaseline is good!

    • okay thanks for the great tips!