Some guys ain't "threatened" by beautiful women?

I have always thought every guy would naturally place more value on the pretty girls than the average/ugly ones, and therefore feel more threaten/insecure with them, but this guy friend of mine who is good looking told me he doesn't really feel that way Because he has both slept with and been rejected by both very pretty and very ugly girls, so it seems that the concept of being "threaten" by pretty girls don't even cross his mind? do you think that's due to his confidence in his looks or is it due to his natural personality?

I mean, are there average looking guys who never feel threatened by the most beautiful women?


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  • No, since not all guys are threatened by the way a girl looks; some guys are threatened by very intellectual or bossy women regardless of how they look. It depends on both the guy's confidence/experience and the girl's attitude (the guy's preference for a certain attitude.

    In addition, it's not always about feeling "threatened" as much as feeling nervous that his advances will be rejected by the girl, whoever she is. Some guys don't think about it too much because they take both acceptance and rejection in stride. Some guys get all nervous and freeze regardless of who the girl is; it's just their nature.


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  • You mean intimidated? No, I'm not intimidated by any girl; their sh*t smells too!

  • Your friend is right, but generally that sort of opinion is not a popular one on GAG.

    I've said it myself many times, that I don't believe any girl is inherently out of my league.

    I know this attitude is not natural to my personality. It developed over years of scoring and being rejected by, girls of all shapes and sizes.

  • Confidence is a matter of genes (neurotransmitters in the brains) and nurture .. he probably have the right combination of both.