Why do I attract the wrong attention?

In drama I like being the best and brightest. with my friends I'm always cracking jokes people are laughing... a lot of attention is on me. But when it comes to guys, I almost hate getting hit on. I'm so tired of it. Guys pull up beside me wave, get all their friends to look at me, older guys check me out all the time >EW. I was at a resort this week the whole time these stupid little 13/15 year olds were all whistlin' at me catcallin' ect. that happens at school sometimes too.

I don't dress slutty I'm fairly conservative. So its not like that's all they see. I've gotten comments when I wear pigtails "hey you know we could do with those"

no decent guy hits on me. Its always creepers. Why do I attract that sort of attention?


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  • I know how you feel. I get that a lot myself, too, although I'm always trying to not stand out at school and stuff. Even so, I still get that unwanted attention, no matter where I go, and I too, am never attracted to them. I think that they mean it as a compliment though, no matter how degrading or creepy it comes off to us as.


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