What should I do to my hair to make it look better?

So I know that mini afros tend to look a bit messy, but I want to keep my hair long. What should I do to it like what products/ texturizers should I use. And I do not want to get a jerricurl looking thing


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  • Braid it

    Cute look

    • Cute, but it does make it kind of hard to walk through a store without being harassed.

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  • 1st off: Don't ask non-black people. Although they may try to help, they probably don't know what they're talking about.

    I would suggest buying the book 'The Science of Black Hair' :) it's a detailed book about the molecular structure of Afro-textured hair. The book suggests what's good for your hair growth and how natural hair needs moisture and what not. Our hair is different from any other type of hair. So it's important to learn what's best for it :)


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  • You can always keep it at the length you have now, keep the sides a little lower.

    Then use Olive oil root stimulator. It's about an 8 dollar kit.

    Leave it in for about an hour.

    Then moisturize your hair with pink lotion or coconut oil, flat iron it, and then wrap it in bandanas and sleep on it.

    Keep in mind, you have to wait 48 hours after using the olive oil to apply heat to the hair.

    But the end result is that your hair will look very tame and clean, at least to the imposing public.

    If you choose not to flat iron the hair will look about like this:


    If you flat iron it, it looks like this:


    ^^^That one is me from about a year ago.

    But there's multiple ways you can go with it.

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