What's your favorite facial feature on a girl?

What's your favorite feature on a girl? Is that the thing you look at the most? Also to add on. When you are attracted to a girl (alot) how do you look at her? Do you look away? Steady eye contact?


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  • Lips. I just can't stop staring at them. I've gone entire conversations without knowing what a girl's eye color is.

    • That's funny you say that. This guy always looks at my lips and he thought my eye were blue

      My eyes are greenish/brownish

    • I'm terrible with eye color. Your eyes could be hot pink and I'd never notice.

    • Hahaha y

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  • her laugh/smile. Usually I kind of gaze at her shortly and avoid eye contact :(

    • Awhh y

    • Cuz I'm too chicken to actually go up and say "Excuse me, I think you are beautiful so I had to say hi." or something x_x ...i'll get to it eventualy

  • Alluring Eyes, I melt just looking at the window to her soul.


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