Guys, clothing/ makeup advice for going out?

I'm thin, I have a bit of a lanky build with long legs, small boobs and a round bottom.

Brown eyes, long hair.

(I mostly wear jeans)

What kind of make-up should I wear? What should I wear?

What do you guys like?


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  • You've described me I think! Except my eyes are blue not brown :p

    Most guys love long legs, so show them off! That means heels (don't go higher than you can walk in, but 3-4ins is good) and short skirt.

    I'm also thin with long legs and tiny boobs, and my favorite outfit is as follows:

    -High waisted, short skirt. Makes your legs look even longer, and shows off your waist.

    -Heels. Makes your legs look good.

    -Loose, pretty top tucked into the skirt. Disguises the fact you have smaller breasts, but works with the outfit.

    It shows off your assets and is pretty comfy :)

    A loose top with big belt just under your breasts looks good too.

    If it's more casual jeans - fitted at the top, bootcut at the bottom - with heels can look awesome. Especially if you wear your hair down with "dangly earrings". (Don't ask me why, but it works!)


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  • Wear whatever you want. Different guys are attracted to different things. Just go with the things you like and hope that someone you find attractive, catches your eye!


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  • tunics are ideal for your body type

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