Would such girl look things differently

If a girl is from a family where her dad and brothers are all very heavily

furry would she think differently about body fur , maybe like it on her guy or would she even dislike her dad/bro body fur?


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  • haha girls don't compare physically men they date and their family. that's gross.

    Most girls don't mind body hair, and if she does she would just ask for you to wax it or something but she won't not like you just because you are hairy, if that makes sense? Don't worry about it.

    • Not compare. I mean they would be used to seeing thick fur. No?

    • No... I don't look at my familys bodies lol. I mean I've seen it but its not in any way I think "hmm he's hairy" its just family. she won't compare you to that, though she may be more familiar with hairy men since she's seen it before and won't be shocked if she sees you naked

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  • I think she would like guys who are furry as well.

    Her, raised in a furry home, will naturally be attracted to guys who are furry as well because it feel so familiar and very comforting to see.

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