Favorite type of bottom eyeliner?

Girls what's your favorite kind of eyeliner to use on the bottom and why? (Pencil, gel, cake, powder, cream, liquid etc). I usually use pencil but get so annoyed when it smudges. Also, do you have any favorite brands or specific eyeliners that you really like that don't smudge? Thanks in advance


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  • I use eyeshadow as an eyeliner. I use a very skinny brush and a black/dark grey eyeshadow. it can have sparkle in it or not, whatever you want. I like having a little sparkle in my eyeliner though. and I use it for top and bottom.

    I like it as opposed to pencil or pen or whatever because it makes a softer, more natural line. and you've got more control over the intensity. I think that it lasts a bit longer than pencil, and it doesn't really smudge at all, as long as you keep the line very close to your lashes. and, I find that it still adds the emphasis to the eye like any eyeliner, yet it keeps things more natural looking, because the line blends in and is not so harsh.

    My brush looks like this that I use : link

    This is the exact brush I use, and it works great! but I don't buy from sephora. this was given to me by a friend. I'm sure you can get one cheaper, but this was just for an idea of what it looks like.


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  • I put it straight on the water line and then apply kohl eyeliner and black powder and eyeshadow to set it in place

  • I'm perfectly fine with pencil or pen.

    When you use the pen, it's less likely to smudge.

    The pencil smudges easier, but I think that it looks better than liquid (at least on the bottom)

  • pencil

  • rimmel london exaggerate waterproof eye definer is AMAZING. it is a twist up automatic pencil it's less than 7 dollars at most local drugstores or target or walmart should have it too.

    it stays on all day and does not run! I don't line inside my eye though btu I put on my bottom lashline and it is one of the few that did not smudge at all.

    prestige total intensity eyeliner also stays put very well (that is a creamy pencil that you sharpen yourself) it is also a drugstore brand I see it at some rite aids, duane reade, and probably walgreens.

    these are both pencils (The rimmel is an automatic twist up kind) and the prestige is a pencil that sharpens and is very creamy.

    they both stay put extremely well and do not run. I have tried so many liners in my lifetime these are both great.

    maybelline gel liner (the one in a little pot) also stays on VERY well...but some people find gel harder to use

    • Haha thanks I've heard of the prestige one before that it was comparable to urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil.

  • I use a bobbi brown gel eye liner when I'm doing a natural look however for a smokey eye, I use elizabeth arden pencil with the smudger and with a fine makeup brush blend it in with a dark brown eyeshadow