Do you tall girls think that guys aren't into you?

I seen some tall girls as friends or just on the internet think that a guy would be scared to date them or treat them like they are ugly due being tall. I'm 6'1 and I think they are really cute but I guess some of you think that you aren't that's not true. I know some others guys that like the tallness and the long legs. I mean do some of worry that guys don't like you?


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  • Yeah, at times..but from time to time I get reinsurance that I'm sexy.But I do feel like when some shorter guys approach me it's because, they see me as a challenge

    • Well some guys like when there's a little challenge. How often does it happen that you get discouraged at times and how tall are you?

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    • :O wow that hurt in my time huh? Sheesh. What a reality check lmao.. We'll hey you seem to want everything huh brains beauty height and maturity and great personality, well your asking for way to much lmao..kidding. You will find who's right for you in due time just don't change who you are, continue to be this guy here your light will project off to the woman or women your meant for..

    • well I hope I can get a tall girl but sometimes we can't always get what you like on the outside the most :( however it would be nice though. I been serious like this since I was little. lol. how often do you hear about guys that are open to tall girls like me?

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