Guys: do you even care how your girlfriend/potential-girlfriend dresses?

if you do, to what extent?


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  • Yes and to a considerable degree.

    Girls that dress trashy (boobs hanging out, flaunting their midriff, wearing only tight clothes, constantly being seen in sweat pants, wearing clothes that don't fit and so on) totally turn me off. Clothes are one of many signs as to how well someone takes care of themselves. A girl doesn't need to dress up all the time, but she ought to know how to look based upon the event we are going to.

    Also, expensive clothes are necessary as long as they are tasteful. Dressing like a hooker is a 100% surefire way to ensure I never ask you out. Subtle, tasteful dressing and trust me, I will take notice. One of my crushes worked at Nordstroms. She had a great sense of style and that was part of the reason I was attracted to her. :)

    • I was going to answer this question too, but I wouldn't be able to say anything of substance without completely copying what you've said. Good answer.

    • Thanks for the kind words. :)

    • I agree with these two...i don't care how my girl dresses as long as she doesn't dress like a slut all the time...that's not my kind of girl...


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