This guy confuses me, why did he do that?

This guy told everyone that he likes me, wth? He made everyone know about me?

Wth? I feel very :/ embarrassed. They all know him for along time but still, why would he go around and tell everyone that?

He is very bold to the point of, he doesn't care if other people look at us or think that there is something between us. Gosh, He is not afraid of anything and so bold. Which might be scary.

Why is he doing this? Like, everyone looks at me :/ . I hate this .


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  • If that in your job gonna be bad I think that

    You like him or not if not just try to tell him that

    If you like him try to hint to him about that or be nice with him when other people there be rough with him


What Girls Said 1

  • Obviously, you do not like him in the way he likes you. I would tell him that what he did I am not OK with,

    • I like him very much but I don't want to everyone to know. He worked here for like years and knows everybody but still I don't know them and I don't feel comfortable with them looking at me.

      I feel like ignoring him for ever so he can understand that "I don't like that" .

    • Tell him how you feel about this. If he respects you he will stop broadcasting things, especially those that aren't true. Let him no that you did like him but after this your not even sure anymore. That will probably bring him to realization, that he can't do things like that.

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