What styles are there?

is there like certain styles or something? because I hear some strange ones...i just wanna know if there are certain ones...


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  • Aha! after reading a couple of posts I see you mean social labels... Or groups of people...

    Stoner, geek, nerd, hippie, raver, drunk, pot head, bad boy, bully, preppy, popular, outcast, emo, gamer, HOT, attractive, charming, whore, slut, tramp, all of the races if you include that...

    Why do you want to know? Why do you box yourself in? I wouldn't say I belong to just one group of people.

    • I just wanted to know some because my school is completely cliques...wat would a stoner be....people call me that all the time...

    • A person that smokes pot... Hash, cannabis, weed, marijuana.

      Basically a person that's always mellow. Marijuana is a depressant, and mellows you out. You also get confused easily lol!

      your walking down a hallway, you turn left, right, left, left, right, a wall... AHHH!


    • ...hmmm...i don't do drugs...i've never even attempted to get high...lol...i'm just like that tough so now I see...thanks...

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  • i don't condone social labels, but here are some ones I know, goth, punk, prep, guido, nerd, dork, player, popular, gangster, ghetto, indie, scene, band geek, grunge

  • i just go look at trends in magazines like glamour, in style and stuff and get a general idea of what I like

  • What do you mean by "style?"

    • Like...tags I guess some people call them...i call them styles myself...like how people dress and/or act...

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    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh haha I love music too.. I think you can tell if you saw that picture of me..

    • Yeah...all I do is listen to music and play with video games...i myself call myself an electronics geek and I accept it...i collect Nintendo systems,collect microchips,addicted to video games and music, and just love to learn more stuff on the computer...i am currentlyy learning to create a virus and also do small hacks.


  • labels are fables. I just thought of that haha. wow I'm lame. but seriously, labels are so not real.

    • I don't go by them either...i just like to know some because my school I full of those "popular" kids who label everyone...they call me a "stoner" even though I have never done drugs at all...never even attempted to get high...lol...but I am like a "stoner"...

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    • Oh, awesome. I grew up on LI so I know how it is.

    • Yeah...that's why my family moved to a more rural area...we live in Ohio now...

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