Why Girls go for this category of guys?

I've noticed for a long time almost everywhere, there's always good looking girls and just girls In general with guys that are not so good looking and rather than a guy that's good looking .When I say an ugly guy I mean a guy with a big belly on him with hair all over his chest and either someone who is totally thin,face looks like sh*t and these people are not having good virtues,values ...

in other words tottaly a spoilt brat with no career .

I guess the reason why I'm bringing this up Is because It aggravates me that I'm a really good looking guy with a six pack, toned physique,good career,very humble and loyal and I'm 22 and never had a girlfriend or never been on a date while other guys who are not ideally eligible doesn't work out, has a belly on him with hair all over It and doesn't really dress nice at all,not well behaved and well mannered was a bully in high school and he has this really pretty girlfriend.

I guess some things In life doesn't make sense at all. Any feedback, opinions and suggestion would be very appreciated. Thank you!


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  • You think like a girl

    Good looks attractive traits and no guts to make the first move.

    These guys aren't pictures on the wall where they look at their best they actually make a move since girls aren't intimidated by the "good looks"

    Tbh I'm thin no six pack and no muscle and I keep hearing no ass but my eyes seem to be beautiful

    So even if I'm not as good looking as you I got no problem finding a cute girl as I take action and do not focus myself on other people

    • but if you read my question thoroughly I haven't mention only the looks but also the guys who are totally spoilt ...they are not having good behavior , a bully and totally a sh*t person if you understand

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    • Thnxs 4 giving me hope bro

    • No problem

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  • Two reasons come to my mind: First, the reason why you never had a girlfriend may be because you are too good-looking. While girls certainly like to look at handsome guys, they prefer having someone at their side who doesn't attract too many other girls because he is so good-looking. It's a trust and self-confidence issue. We think too good-looking guys will always have other offers and may consider them. Therefore, if we are (and most girls are) looking for a long-term relationship, we choose someone whom we are not afraid he may leave after some weeks.

    Second, appearance is really not that important for us. Other values like reliability, loyality, faithfulness and a good sense of humor count more. Guys who are not good-looking often prevail in these categories because they cannot build simply on their hot body and handsome face, so they had to put more effort into establishing these values.

    So what you can do is: DON'T ever mention that you think you are good-looking. That may come across as arrogant and superficial. Make a girl understand that you are caring, loyal, responsible and looking for a serious long-term relationship. Give her the feeling that you think you don't actually deserve her because she is so awesome. So she will be more confident that you will stick around and not leave her for other girls.

    • k I got it...i have to bring my self esteem down upto some level to get a girl...ur right I have a distinct behavior which makes me appear un-approachable... I have to work on it...but what about my pride and self esteem will I get it back

    • I'm not talking about giving up your pride and self esteem. I'm talking about not showing it ;-) At least not the pride, a reasonable amount of self esteem is OK (as long as you bring across that you don't think you're better than the girl)

  • Hi,

    So it's kinda funny because I just went to dinner with a my friend and got to meet her boyfriend. She's a beautiful girl, and he was just meh... I don't know he was nice and everything, but didn't quite have the personality or attractiveness I thought she was worthy of. So I totally understand your complaint of people not really umm... well matching up! And it's a ASK worthy question!

    However, I would like to point out a few things:

    A) I say this with the best intentions, but maybe you're not as humble as you might think...Hear me out! Being Humble is about modestly and keeping it simple by saying I'm good looking, Not: with a six pack, toned physique,good career, etc. and I'm sorry, but this you sound a little entitled, superficial, and conceited, I'm not saying you are, but that's just what those make you sound like.

    B) Have you asked any one out before? You sound like you have a lot going for you girls love loyalty, morals, and stability which are great things I see when reading your post, but they can't love that about you if you don't give them a chance to! So have you ever asked one of these pretty girls out? A lot of girls are still kinda old school, and not down to ask a guy out. So perhaps you didn't see the ball is in your court!

    C) These pretty girls may not think they are pretty enough for you. Lets face it lots of girls have self-esteem issues and may believe your standards are too high! This could be resolved by seeing your "type" is once you do start dating. Once they see Perfection isn't what you go for they will see you as attainable or just more approachable.

    Just remember Pretty fades, six-packs go away, and if you want someone long term you want to know they're in it for the long hall so when you're both in your 80s your there for her hip replacement and she's there for your heart surgery or whatever the trials may be. Don't forget what it's really about, finding someone that loves you for you!

    Good Luck! Let me know how things go! :)

    Ps. Sorry I wrote a ton!

    • oops I was trying to be too descriptive and complete with my post which went under bad light...ur right with everything you sadi and I agree with u...but please dnt say physique will fade(even if it does) since he make be believe it doesn't go too soon link

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    • thnxs...u write a ton as always :-)

    • :$ I know, I think too much too! I'm glad you saw this though, I was worried it was all for nothing! :)

  • Well I guess I am not like other girls then... I've never dated a soul in my life.

    Not only that, but I do believe that maybe these girls who are dating these "ugly" guys aren't shallow. They must love them for who they are rather than their appearance.

    Everyone can see a person differently, we do not all find the same things attractive and unattractive. : )

  • If you have all those great trait but are too scared to talk to girls and make moves then its almost like null and void


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  • How often do you approach girls? Frequency of female approaches matters A LOT more than the guys look when it comes to dating women.

  • She thinks it's what she deserves