I'm feeling so ugly, I hate looking into the mirror. What can I do?

I hate to look into the mirror in the school and at home too. I feel myself so ugly. Will this feeling ever disappear?


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  • I have the same problem, it really sucks. Maybe its something you will grow out of. Is there anything in particular that you don't like about your appearance?

    Just remember that no matter how bad you think you look, everyone will be ugly when they are old, so it won't really matter in the long run :P

    Focus on what you like about yourself instead.

    • Well, I hate that I am too thin and I look like a pieace of wood.

    • We have being too thin in common too haha. I've been trying to put on weight recently, maybe you should look into that too? Also wearing different clothes can give the impression that your body is a slightly different shape, I don't think I'm all that qualified to advice on that one but I'm sure someone else could help you think about that.

    • You look really good! I don't understand :P

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  • stick your finger up your arrse and smile.

  • I Also hate looking in the mirror. I try to look in the mirror as little as possible lol. You could work out and see if that makes you feel better about yourself

    • Thanks for the idea!

    • You're welcome :)

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  • You are beautiful! Don't listen to lies!

    • Thank you so much! So kind of you!

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