Can you tell if a guy is serious about you by the way he looks at you

Well I've know this guy and he recently got a girlfriend. The girl used to like him for a long time and when he found out he developed feelings for her (that's what my brother told me) well everyones now like he gives her the blank look like doesn't even pay attention to her look but actually is listening.

And my friends told me whenever he looks at me he gives me this innocent look. Very innocent.(we can't be together because of complications and also him being my bros close friend) So um can you really tell by the way a guy looks at you?


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  • You can totally tell what someone is thinking through their eyes! Different looks can mean different things, if he appears to be uninterested in his current girlfriend, chances are that he is, what exactly do you mean by innocent? I'm not sure what look you want him to give you, but it doesn't seem that innocent would mean he likes you in a more than friends way.

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