Okay to perm colored hair?

My hair is naturally fine and thin and I would love to have the appearance of more volume and body without using hair extensions. I have had some success with volume enhancing shampoos and products, as well as styling with rollers etc - but it drops out after a couple of hours. My hair is long and I dye it a couple of shades darker than my natural hair color every 4 weeks or so when it shows at the roots - I don't use bleach or have any highlights. I deep condition regularly and try to avoid heat styling, so it is in reasonable condition. I prefer my hair in a wavy style as it suits my face shape, so I think a perm would be the answer to all of my hair problems; however, I don't wish to stop dying my hair, and worry that dying and perming together might cause too much damage and result in even thinner hair. Does anybody have any experience with this? If going ahead would it be best to color or perm first, or stagger? My funds are limited, so whilst I would invest in a salon perm (no experience and too risky at home!) I would hope to carry on using box dye at home to save on cost.

Any advice will be appreciated, I am no hair expert!


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  • I'm no hair expert either, but I have very fine, very thin hair that I dye. I would advise not perming it as I've been told it adds extra stress to your all ready colored hair which I'm told increase the likelihood of it falling out. But I could be wrong.


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