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Apparently this guy has a girlfriend, he is good looking 8/10, 7/10 for looks the other b.c. he is so confident and seems like a go-getter career wise (that makes me more attracted to them)

anyways he posted on his instagram pictures of two girls (he's not in the pic) and he labelled the picture "his two loves" his girlfriend is not even in the pic :S Do guys usually do this sort of stuff? I'm just curious.


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  • Is he a player? Does he like to flirt with many and random girls? Because he also seems like a go-getter when it comes to girls. Among all my guy friends, there's no one that will do such a thing, but I do know some guys that do similar things. They are usually such a tease and flirts with girls.

    It's just one picture though, are there others? If it's just one or two it may be just some inside kind of thing, only he and those girls know.

  • It could be an Ego thing, over being a guy thing.


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