What do you think when you see or know a girl whose good at everything?

Girls, do you get jealous of the girl if she's good at everything? like she has looks, smarts, nice, funny, nice body, nice physique. Do you instantly hate the girl or what? Guys, what do you think of a girl whose the whole package but shy? does she intimidate you or make you wanna look at her all the time?


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  • Honestly, if the girl appears to be good at everything then I suspect she's a BS artist. She's getting just good enough to seem like she's good at it. Mastery of any discipline takes time and effort. Even the certified genius only has so many hours in a day.

    While she might seem like she's good at everything, the truth is that she's likely just very good at one thing- conning people. Getting them to believe something that isn't true.

    • hahah I agree because well my friend to everyone's eyes os good at everything. She tries her best but sometimes there's thing she can't accomplish

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  • If she's shy, us guys think that she is a total loser.

    • Well my friend has the whole package but she shy. Why would you think that?

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    • We've all been there. Being humble won't get you anywhere in high school

    • You actually think that? What is the reason for thinking that being humble won't get you anywhere in high school?

  • Sounds great. Even if it were a guy. A handsome guy is just a role model to me.


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